What is cooltoure?

Long time ago, prehistoric mans and woman’s leaved to us foot prints from their lives. A cultural heritage with incalculable value. Precious stones or any type of cave paintings.

Trough the megalithics we are going to travel trough the time and imagine what was the earth like. we are going to discover what the stone want us to know. Imagine the landscape from thousand years ago. Get exited with the whole natural environment that we have got. To enjoy from the local gastronomy. To live an unforgettable experience.

With Cooltoure, all this and more can be possible. We offer the possibility to know depth down the heritage we have got from our ancestors. A Unique experience, respecting all around our environment and the contact with our towns and people. Your senses will raise. Your will see thousand of colours in the nature, you will see birds, and you will get surprised by the Cantabrian Sea.

You will hear stories from the past and from now. Like the sound of the birds and the mooing.

You will smell the saltpetre, the “prao” grass and the moss.

You will try the local gastronomy, made it with tradition: pots, native meats, cheeses, anchovies, sobaos, liquors … you will touch the sky, the land and the sea. You will feel the sea breeze, the drops of rain, the sun on the skin, the wind making mess your hair …

Cooltoure is the commitment to culture, landscape, nature, gastronomy and respect for the environment. From the local to the world. A trip with all senses. A unique experience.