Feel de essence

The essence of the ancestral: a journey from the sea to the mountains

Enjoy that scenerys and actors that define Cantabria, from the times we began to domesticate the landscape to our present day.

Sonabia and the Monte Candina environment shows faunal unique characteristics. Buzzards and vultures with a maritime character, the Dusky Large Blue as an example of the complexity of ecosystems, the stunning coastal and dune morphology. The human remains that we will know through archeology, from the Palaeolithic to the mining industry iron, ironworks, mills, chickadees, untamed and ancestral breeds of livestock “Monchina ” … and the megaliths which are very easy to identify through the “Ilsos”, a prehistoric and cultural heritage dispersed but present along the East Mountain Cost.

The price includes:

  • Specialized guides in Cultural Heritage and Environment
  • Entrance to a Cave World Heritage
  • Gastronomic experience
  • WiFi everywhere
  • Travel insurance
  • Tax
  • Transfer from Santader or Bilbao (please check out our terms and conditions)